Maybe love is the most brilliant among youth of color

29 Dec 2011

Dark of night, sky in the no Flash of stars, I to mind sustenance in Cheap Runescape Gold silence of night in, to mind spit to layer layer of clouds among, feeling own and once disease lost in no love of sky Xia, you of every move, and seemed appeared in I of before, at this time, now, good as subtle of on you said a sound “Hi, you had was fortunately did? What are “if I felt I was thinking about you.
Missing are pierced heart sad, is a bitter here, Miss my heart like acupuncture, hurt, missing emotions like a dream, I woke up still wandering outside the door. Who love, sing songs, done dreaming, can no longer continue in the years long. Sometimes I’m always so silly to ask ourselves, tonight you, I miss is inadvertent, is also remembered by accident, right? The qiongzhou Strait away, when broken wings butterfly to fall in the Valley of that one, all the beautiful dream off, lingering emotional memories of pink, gradually towards the sunken in the evening, following the last faint sun light dark, dead loss in open-width of the horizon
Maybe love is the most brilliant among youth of color, I’m just the feelings of this color picture is too strong, but also covers the lives of many meaningful detail and in the end you just want to say to you as long as you have a better than me.

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