Also too late to recall the pyrotechnics show

7 Jan 2012

As imagine, after the fireworks and street remains noisy. Scattered light, such as flying fireflies in summer night, lined up though, but scattered disorder. Roll of long hair, full into a ball Buy Cheapest WOW Gold. As I take a stroll to relax oneself and then hastily took the rejection of heart, do not want this banner fluttered over the playground of the young, scattered in the mottled Dengying, silence hot looks and confusion.
Also too late to recall the pyrotechnics show, everything will be over. Those colorful opening of flowers, each bloom, is a happiness. I used to think that happiness is just like the stars in the sky, beautiful and timeless, with I, with my old. But it is unable to touch, nor eternal.
Corner is corner, pandemonium, and lively. Calls, huaquan acoustic, noise, sirens sound, myriad voices filled the whole space. They are immersed in their own happiness. Perhaps, but their stage, night soul stage!
And I, I was just passing by.

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