She does not love just wandering between the sisters

2 Feb 2012

This is it, you cried and called her stupid making excuses but not laughing is good for her, because her friend is not hypocrisy was such that she was quiet in front of strangers, very cold, but died before she will be very brutal, domineering, even regardless of her image laughing because she felt this is more pro-, not you and me
This is it, she does not love just wandering between the sisters. Even if like my sister said so and so good for you, she would not smile laugh I’m only young! Once in a while she would admire those couples, the illusion that handsome happiness! In fact, that she is not able to determine whether they can give, because do not want to hurt
This is it, she is very strong, sometimes a little melancholy WOW Gold eu. If people ask what has happened to her, she handsome smile and say it’s OK, if dead friends asked her she would lay aside all pride-bashing to you good crying in her arms a … Crying over you after a hanging Teardrop smiley

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