Mengmengdongdong no regret and no thinking like sharp spring

11 Feb 2012

Dark dark, the wind blowing from the Northwest. Stamp a stamp, it is! Winter. And the year end, the entire North snowy in the winter cold, even in the Southwest, and this year’s temperatures are significantly lower. Reclusive, wrapped with a thick coat of themselves, even ignoring instrument and grace, it is winter. As an old man they say winter, bent body of staggering difficulty walking, days of no Sun; grey about his people’s emotions. People have thought of this life, life like this season, as the seasons like the four seasons. But life is one of the four seasons, was unable to transform one-way, does not. Only in the spring and summer, autumn and winter alone.Someone had to in old age, it is to the life of the winter, when they recall the past is more mature emotions, dapple of Apple’s less clever.
Spring time, we did not stay. Mengmengdongdong no regret and no thinking, like sharp spring buds, Spring Bud. Worry-I do not know what they are and know all immensity of the universe. Really did not really know the difficulties involved, bounce and joking! Happy happy! Year after year, flowers and flower, spring time slip away in the confusion. Naive in the brains were sown in the Greek Cypriot wing of the kind you next to the seed playing with mud until seeds germinate, they find that they have grown up. You have thought of green, in front of the small trees have been higher than that of their own. You can prance to chant “heaven and man Buy WOW Gold Cheap, must Dr Zhu bone, hungry—-” not fully understand dreaming the future. The spring of hope, of spring hope, unconsciously we’ve come in the summer.

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