Intimacy of romantic love it did not carry my aspiration

21 Feb 2012

Senhyaku in the world, I think of mood swept the sky of love, tears of pale, ripples in the tombs.Hurried, years, your smile is still in my world, the shuttle, I love you, but cannot have a beautiful result, places of the mind fall, the fate of many robberies shook a fragile thinking, I know, ink-stained when Cheap WOW Gold that is my sleepless night of sweet. Suddenly in the eyes of light, my tears soaked the pain of missing, quietly extend to the place we had early.
The warm sun, I use the line in a Carpenter’s ink marker between the years of joys and sorrows, you smile like it comes down to my heart, a short moment moment, I was in Miss plain paper sitting in the Millennium. Hit the Moon, and world of flashy, unprovoked and melancholy, scattered the vicissitudes of love, felt emotions, stirring the missing piece, deep in the flower, my mind wandering. Who is my life, who back the rocks crumble in the oath of corrosion stained?
Intimacy of romantic love, it did not carry my aspiration of crossing to the other side of happiness, in the golden age, my thoughts were so pale and weak. Love in this life, or in the former is doomed, or, I miss how dreams that wrapped around the always chain of tears? I do not believe that all my dreams will come true, but I would really like to wake up and you smile to bloom in my pillow, cut continued the world long for SB. one loves, Passion again, I desire to lead you by the hand and quietly walk the 100 years of this simple.

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